The new single taken from ’ homonymous new album,


EP containing three new versions of the songs Soli, Storia di Mare, and Terra che non c’è.
Recorded in Macao, (China) (2020)

EP containing five songs, of which two recorded, produced and arranged by Amedeo Nicoletti (Dedi), with guest cellist Belinda Rodriguez. Recorded between Italy and the UK (2010)


Recorded in the UK in the late 90s, the tapes were digitized in 2020 and the songs remastered in 2021.
Rob and Paul are and the project focuses on the ideal of freedom, and how hard it is to maintain and develop. More true than ever in the Era- Pandemica

Castelfidardo is the birthplace of the modern accordion. It is also mine. After 30 years abroad, destiny brought me back to my town and family. One hot July evening walking around Porta Marina, our local gardens, I hear an accordion playing jazz standards, accompanied by double bass and groovy drumbeats. Three very talented young players are enjoying themselves in front of a few punters and kids dancing like kites. In an instant, I knew it would be great to have them interpret some of my music. I also discovered that my town had a new professional recording studio owned and run by another young local music enthusiast, Manuele Pesaresi. We knocked out nine songs in three days, chosen from my old and more recent catalogue. I took the tracks back to my home, added my voice, guitars, and fulfilled one of my long-time ambitions, a duet with my talented singing niece, Francesca. Double bass: EMANUELE DI TEODORO; Accordions: ANTONINO DE LUCA; Drums: FEDERICO NELSON FIORAVANTI.   

A collection of new and old songs arranged for instruments. All songs are written, played, and performed by robè.

Recorded in Luton (UK) in 2017


Compilations of songs recorded between the years 2000 and 2017.
The songs are all but one written by Bugiolacchi and mostly performed by him. The exceptions are the use of excellent drummers (Orsetti and Stewart), accordion players (Picchio and De Luca), co-singers (Bonvini and Allen), etc. Two songs were also recorded and produced by Amedeo Nicoletti. You will also find ‘uptempo’ remixes by the inhouse Robè, but more notably Sanny X, one of the most influential producers in the history of dance music. Enjoy.